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FilmForward is a network institute and expertise center for talent development in the Dutch film and audiovisual sector. We connect and empower and work on a more inclusive and diverse film and audiovisual industry.

FilmForward works together with film festivals, regional talent incubators (‘Broedplaatsen’), professional associations, funds, broadcasting companies and streaming services to reinforce existing talent and skills programmes and make them more visible and accessible. Together with our stakeholders we organise activities to make sure that as a sector we will become more diverse and inclusive, and keep innovating.

FilmForward reaches out to all working professionals in the film and audio-visual sector. From scriptwriters to editors, from directors to line producers, from technicians to location scouts, animators and VFX artists.

The activities are focused on feature films, animation, documentaries, (web)series, interactive storytelling and other kinds of audio-visual productions, for all screens and platforms.


FilmForward works together with festivals, breeding places, trade and branch organisations, funds, broadcasting companies and streaming services.

Trade and industry organizations

Special partners

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