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Apply for FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency 2021

Are you a working professional in film and audiovisual media? Do you draw storyboards, or write scripts, compose film scores, develop games, play characters, or direct films, video clips or commercials? And have you participated in productions that have had a public screening or presentation? Then the FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency is for you!

The FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency is a three-month residency in which you, as a working professional, are given free space to work and think to conduct research that does not fit within existing development processes.

The FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency consists of joint weekly meetings and an individual process under the guidance of a mentor. The participants can also nominate speakers for the common sessions.

In addition to conducting your own research, the FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency participants will also work on the theme “Positionality”. Through joint seminars and masterclasses we get to know the meaning of positionality by identifying (birth) positions, which are always the outcome of a modern and historical, colonial context, and by researching and (learning to) understand the inseparable relational aspect of positionality determined by your values, world view, and your context in time and space.

Selected participants receive a one-time stipend to cover part of the living expenses.

Data: 22 September till 18 December 2021
Location: Online and on location in Amsterdam
Deadline for application: 12 June 2021

You want to learn more about  FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency 2021? Read more here.


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