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Vision & Mission

Film and audio visual media are our window onto the world. Not only are they the foremost and most influential medium of our time, the largest entertainment industry, the most important art form, the main innovator, but they are also indispensable for understanding and unravelling our society. They inspire new developments and trends in the visual arts and performing arts, have intersections with gaming, developments in Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, and play a role in the public debate about representation, diversity and inclusion. They are the key to our time.

Professionals in the film and audio visual industry are aware of this ever-changing world and its consequences for their professional practice. FilmForward responds to their need to keep developing their talent and skills. By working together with film festivals, regional talent incubators (‘Broedplaatsen’), professional associations, funds, broadcasting companies and streaming services existing talent and skills programmes are connected, reinforced and made more visible and accessible. Also we strongly support and initiate activities that innovate the sector and make it more diverse and inclusive.

FilmForward aims to connect and link the talents and skills of working professionals with the (international) practices and thus improve the dynamics, self-confidence and quality of the Dutch film and audio-visual sector as a whole.


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