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BRAINSTORM inappropriate behaviour

On Sept. 19, FilmForward is hosting a brainstorming event that will collectively explore how to address inappropriate behaviour in its broadest sense – behavior that violates the personal boundaries, values, rights or safety of others. During this brainstorming session, we want to gather ideas on how to effectively address this problem and engage with cast & crew members and producers working on set to hear what they experience on a daily basis and what risks are involved in the audiovisual industry. In addition, we invited experts to guide us and share their knowledge about inappropriate behavior and its impact. This makes the meeting a unique opportunity to explore how we can collectively recognize and address inappropriate behavior.

We will share the results of the meeting with you in the fall, as well as our future actions. FilmForward is committed to working with the entire AV industry to bring about positive change where a safe working environment is a matter of course for all film industry professionals.


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