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Angelo Ormskerk

Angelo Ormskerk followed Dance & Choreography training in Amsterdam and Paris and graduated at the Art & Entertainment College in 2013. After this he travelled and studied History in Ivory Coast, Ghana and Australia. In 2014 he developed a growing passion for theatre and film direction and the awareness of telling stories as an artist from a non-western perspective to have an impact on society. He directed the award-winning short film Mind’s Eye. Through telling stories from an indigenous storytelling aesthetic, and redefining social standards, he wants to contribute to the recovery of the aftermath of colonialism.

Research Question

During the FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency, Angelo will investigate how the art policy in the Netherlands relates to artists in the broadest sense of the word. To bring about change, makership and the opportunities it is given must be reviewed in an alternative way. Through a portfolio and obligatory feedback to make the application a success Instead of being rejected, subsidy givers are forced to relate to the artist’s possibly unfamiliar world of experience.


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