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Anne Piet Hofstede

Anne Piet Hofstede is a visual artist, writer and educator. During her studies Image and Language at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, she wrote many imaginative stories and poems and researched how to translate these into various visual works. She became increasingly interested in children’s literature and youth productions due to its magical, philosophical nature. After her studies she started developing creative projects for primary school students.

The fascination and motivation for working with and for this target group led to following the training Professional artist in the classroom. She is currently working on an analog animation film and writing children’s stories. She also gives poetry and stop-motion lessons to students who are learning the Dutch language.

Research within de Vrijplaats
During the Vrijplaats 2022, Anne Piet has explored the encounter between fantasy stories, feature film and analog stop-motion. She wants to depict a imaginative emotional world by working according to traditional methods.



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