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Anouk Stilkenboom

Anouk Stilkenboom is a director and program maker for both the Public Broadcasting and commercial channels. She started in 2002 as an intern at NCRV’s Man bijt hond and then learned the tricks of the trade at Jos Brink’s program  TV Toppers. After that she focused more on telling stories by making programs such as Boer Searches Woman (KRO), De Herkansing (NTR), Cupido Ofzo (SBS6) and Serenade by Stef (KRO-NCRV). The program De Nieuwe Stradivarius won the Silver World Medal Award at the New York TV festival in 2018.

Anouk prefers to focus on socially relevant topics and is charmed by resilient characters who are not deterred. They try to capture what moves people as closely as possible and translate it into something that can inspire others.

Research during the Vrijplaats
Anouk has investigated the possibilities of creating an audiovisual platform for children who are dealing with loss in the broadest sense of the word. A platform where children can go for information, recognition, comfort and perspective.


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