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Carine Bijlsma

Carine Bijlsma is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and photographer who lives and works both in Amsterdam and New York. She studied photography in New York and Florence Italy and graduated from the Dutch Film and Television Academy. Since then she has been working back-to-back on documentaries on high profile artists in music and in art, which have been shown at festivals around the world. Her most recent documentary Devil’s Pie about soul singer D’Angelo premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and was listed as “2019’s biggest music documentaries” by USA today. Her photography is printed in both magazines and albums, amongst which D’Angelo’s Black Messiah (2014) and at WePresent from WeTransfer. She was guest lecturer at the Dutch Film and Television Academy and NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

Research Question

During the Vrijplaats 2021, Carine researched ways to develop her visual language from photography and beyond
developing and the story Willempje of her father Anner Bijlsma, that he kind of told her to edit a movie.


Carine: “The highlight of the Vrijplaats for me was meeting the other participants. It’s great to get together every week with a group of creative people and exchange ideas and thoughts and build creative friendships.”

credit drawing: Anner Bijlsma by James Nicolas


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