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Emilia Trapprest & Victor Evink

Emilia Tapprest (1992) is a Finnish filmmaker based in the Netherlands. Coming from the background of industrial design, she completed her second master in fine arts and film at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam in 2019. Her first fiction short Sonzai Zone (2019) has been shown in international exhibitions and film festivals such as IMPAKT – Speculative Interfaces (2019), DEMO moving image (2020), VISIO – Lo schermo dell’arte (2021) and Vdrome (2021).

Victor Evink (1987) is a Dutch, Colombian born artist and researcher. He is based in Utrecht, where he received an MSc in History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Utrecht in 2013. His work combines STS research with artistic practice, focusing on the evolution of knowledge, technology and peripheral subcultures.

Grounded in the research field on ‘affect’ and its use through datafication, their joint practice Liminal Vision uses worldbuilding and cinema to explore how affective undertones are produced in different socio-technical systems. Since 2019, they have produced work under their long-term research umbrella Zhōuwéi Network, which prototypes multiple near-future societies driven by distinct value paradigms. Their recent fiction series ‘Embodied Ambitopias’ (2021) zooms into how these different worlds condition bodily relationships through technology and rhetoric.

Research Question

During the Vrijplaats 2021 they explored together how affective mental experiences can be imagined through cinematic symbolism. Their work is theoretical and philosophical, but also hands-on and based on experience. The project she’s on now working, depicts the psychology of the coming-of-age process of a young girl through dance.

Emilia and Victor: “Vrijplaats actively opens up the film world to more multidisciplinary audiovisual practices and at the same time gives innovative audiovisual makers the opportunity to learn from and get access to the experience and facilities of the film world. We think this kind of practice is needed not only in film but in many more fields of creativity.”


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