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Farah Shretah

Farah Shretah considers herself a dreamer and an interdisciplinary artist. She works with mixed media, performance and filmmaking. She has a futuristic vision and likes to experiment with biomechanical art tools, merging technology and creativity. She started her career as an actress in Syria, but her passion for art eventually brought her to Ukraine, where she studied film directing. Her journey in capturing and owning visual images took her to the Netherlands, where she obtained a master’s degree in fine arts at the St. Joost School of Art & Design in ‘s Hertogenbosch.

Growing up between eastern and western cultures has enriched her experience of how to perceive life in a creative way and shaped her knowledge of the backgrounds of various types of contemporary art. This has helped her to connect to herself and others in a profound way, beyond physical reality. She sees herself as an artist inside an activist: she makes art that depicts emotional confusion provoked by fear.

Research question
At the Vrijplaats Farah will explore how to conquer fear by reversing the impact of visual stimuli.

Photo by Evelina Kvartunaite


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