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Herbert Alfonso

Herbert is a filmmaker, photographer, visual/video artist and writer. He studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, but left early to embark on another adventure. He became an all-round image maker for the Zwolle hip-hop formation De Fakkelbrigade and collective De Fakkelteitgroep. For the documentary Typhoon; Blues & Blessings he followed Glenn de Randamie, alias Typhoon (artist) for 7 years during his special ‘rollercoaster ride’ to the idea of ​​musical success. In 2021, he received a subsidy from the Film Fund for making an experimental short documentary and in 2022 for the development of his debut feature film, which will be written and directed by him.

Herbert has several exhibitions to his name as a visual artist. In recent years, he has packed various themes in his work that are connected to social, philosophical, moral and sociological dilemmas in the individual. He considers his work personal.

Research question
During the Vrijplaats, Herbert wants to investigate the necessity of the poetic authenticity and identity of the maker in the world of AI. And how to make the connection with art, literature and afro-surrealism.

You can get in touch with Herbert via herbertalfonso@protonmail.com

Herbert Alfonso by Evelina Kvartunaite


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