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Isis Cabolet

Isis graduated in 2011 as an actress from the Toneelacademie Maastricht. Since then she has played in many television series and films such as the films ‘App’, ‘A woman comes to the doctor’, the series ‘Van God Los’, ‘Weemoedt’, ‘Lekker dan’ and ‘Emperor’s wives’. She is also one of the founders of Bouillabaisse, a theater collective that makes special performances for pop venues, music festivals and clubs, but also tailor-made for special events.

With her short film KUTLEVEN, which she wrote and directed herself, she was nominated for the Debut Prize of the Dutch Film Festival in 2021. For the short musical film DIEP IN DE NACHT, also written and directed by Isis, she was nominated in the category ‘Best Short Film’ at the Netherlands Film Festival Utrecht 2022. GLEUF is the next short film to premiere and the feature film CHRISTMAS, written by Isis together with screenwriter Lotte Tabbers, will be filmed in mid-2023.

Research within de Vrijplaats
For her research, Isis delved into the heads of “tweens”. The confusing period when they are no longer children, but not yet teenagers. Their bodies change and everything is absolutely embarrassing.


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