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Jan-Willem van Ewijk

Jan-Willem van Ewijk has a master’s degree in aerospace engineering and worked as an aeroplane designer and technology investor before following his passion for making films. With his friends and relatives as cast and crew he made his first feature film, ‘Nu’ (Now), which received a special mention for best feature film debut at the Netherlands Film Festival and won the Grand Prix at the European Independent Film Festival. Jan-Willem was selected for the Sundance Lab with his second feature film ‘Atlantic.’, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and was sold worldwide.

Research Question

During the FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency Jan-Willem wants to investigate in the context of his new science fiction film ‘Cupola’ how he can crate a poetic connection between storytelling and audio-visual effects in science fiction. To this end, he wants to work with the expertise of cinematographers, visual effects specialists and sound designers as early as the script phase, incorporating their ideas and knowledge in the story.


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