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Katja Verheul

Katja Verheul is a filmmaker, visual artist and researcher. She graduated at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy In 2012 and earned an MFA In the Visual Arts at Goldsmith’s University (UK). Her research and film projects are about performative realities, post-truth and power structures. Her work has been shown at Visions du Réel (CH), Kasseler Dokfest (DE), International Short Film Festival in Hamburg (DE), Dokufest (KS), New Wight Biennial (US), MAXXI (IT), Yarat Contemporary Art Center (AZ), Visio lo schermo dell’arte (IT) and on Dutch television. She had a residence at the Jan van Eyck Academy (2018-2019).

Research Question

Katja did a lot of research on (natural) sound and will work on the experimental research project ‘Unknown Grounds (work title) during the Sanctuary period. She investigates the impact of bombes, mines and other (chemical) weapons that were dumped after the First and Second World War, and what the consequences are for man and nature of what remains after a war. With ‘Unknown Grounds’ she wants to dive deeper into (underwater) noise pollution and experiment with how sound can be visualized.


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