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Luciënne Venner

Luciënne Venner is a filmmaker, performer and visual artist. Her work is personal, intuitive and poetic, with recurring themes such as longing and sexual Identity. One-takes shot on analogue film are a recurring element in her work. Her graduation film ‘A Ride to Moresnet’ was named the best graduation film of the Rietveld Academy by Het Parool newspaper. Her one-take film ‘Error of Eros’ was selected for ‘Forum of the Directors 2018’ at the Netherlands Film Festival and won ‘Award Best Art/Experimental Film’ at the Nahia Film Festival Granada in Spain. Luciënne’s work was shown in the EYE Film Museum, Kassel Documentary Film Festival, One Take Festival In Zagreb, Moscow Biennial for Contemporary Art in Russia and the Netherlands Film Festival.

Research Question

During the FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency Luciënne wants to further Investigate the Instinctive Cinema Performance work method for her feature film ‘Homesick’. This is a method she developed with the aim of shooting scenes, sequences or the entire film – on analogue film – in one take as much as possible and limit cutting to a minimum during editing. A dogma without decoupage in which she makes the alternating conditions of the imagination, temporary transformations of ‘identity’ palpable.


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