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Mark IJzerman

Mark IJzerman is a media artist who makes installations and audio-visual performances, creating processes that have a certain form of individuality. His most recent works consider the ways in which we as humans experience our ecology and the non-human around us, whether this concerns landscapes or other life forms. Using various media he tries to let the non-human speak.

He performed live at various media art festivals in Europe (Rewire Festival, Transmedial/CTM, FIBER Festival) and he recently showed installation work at MU in Eindhoven, and Art Center Nabi In Seoul and V2 In Rotterdam.

Research Question

His recent work deals with the relationship of mankind with the non-human, using Artificial Intelligence to write texts from the perspective of the earth. At the FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency Mark wants to do research for a speculative film, experimenting to this end with elements including storytelling, measurements by geophones spread over the Netherlands expressed in sound, and processed archive material. He investigates how he can achieve a non-human perspective through a combination of processed images and a narrative Influenced by AI.


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