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Noël Loozen & Guus Kaandorp

Noël Loozen is a director who made the short films Sputnik (2005) and Botanica (2017) and the television film Limburgia (2017), among others. Currently he is writing his feature film debut Crapule. In addition to his work as a director Noël is a photographer and a teacher at various art academies.

Guus Kaandorp graduated as a photographer at the KABK in 2011. He exhibited in places including the Netherlands Photo Museum and Foam – first solo, and from 2013 to 2017 as half of the duo Otto Kaan. Currently he is working as a photographer, filmmaker, art director, musician, and, not unimportant in the context of the FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency, as a (storyboard) artist. During this period he hopes to make his first step of a first graphic novel.

Research Question

During the FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency Noël and Guus will investigate how they can change and enrich the writing and thinking process by making storyboarding part of the film process from the idea phase onward. By starting directly with sketching the characters, locations and situations, the scenes and decoupage of a possible film emerge while drawing. They investigate how they can create an audio-visual work starting from Images, and whether a storyboard artist and a director can create an audio-visual story together without going through the standard steps of a ‘filming process’


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