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Ryan Cherewaty

Ryan Cherewaty is a media artist from Toronto Canada currently based in Rotterdam. Ryan graduated cum laude from the Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam) with a Master in Lens-based Media. His works have been shown in such places as IFFR (Rotterdam), Sterischer Herbst (Graz), Interaccess (Toronto), EYE Filmmuseum (Amsterdam) and TENT (Rotterdam).

The zone between dream and reality is continuously closing with the arrival of the latest technology developments. It is precisely in that twilight zone that forms the starting point in the work of Ryan Cherewaty. He links techniques such as Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality to age-old mythological stories and rituals. By focusing on the elusive consciousness of humans and the contradiction between body and mind, Cherewaty wonders whether our use of today’s digital technology resembles the mystifying role of (old) religions.

Research question
During the Vrijplaats Ryan will be investigating aspects of folk witchcraft coupled with contemporary technology to convey a narrative from a non-human perspective.

You can get in touch with Ryan via ryan.cherewaty@gmail.com

Photo by Evelina Kvartunaite


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