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Sara Rajaei

Sara Rajaei is an Iranian-Dutch video artist and filmmaker, living in the Netherlands. In her work she studies the notion of time by reflecting on the absence of images, the psychology of memory, oral history, narrative techniques and physical-psychological space. Her work consists of short films and video installations in the area between storytelling and visual language. After graduating at the KABK The Hague Rajaei obtained a 2-year residence at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten. In 2009 she was shortlisted for the Prix de Rome. Special exhibitions with her work include the Apple Arts Centre, Stroom The Hague, Rotterdam Film Festival, Rencontres Internationales Paris Berlin, Art Brussels, Kunsthall 3.14 Bergen, Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art Rijeka and Tent Rotterdam.

Research Question

At the FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency Rajaei wants to investigate the development process and realization of The Headless Palm Trees (work title). The Headless Palm Trees will be Rajaei’s first feature film and is centred around the themes of fear, psychological terror, superstition and social instability as opposed to folklore, tradition and rituals as survival tools. The protagonists of The Headless Palm Trees run into an unsafe and Intimidating environment which forces them to seek mental protection in imaginary worlds.


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