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Steye Hallema

As the son of a magician, Steye tries to create magic with the newest media and technology. A common thread in his work is giving centre stage to the audience in his experiences. His latest project ‘The Smartphone Orchestra’ is an orchestra created with the telephones of the spectators with which Steye tells stories with the audience Instead of to them. Steye studied both music and visual arts at the Royal School for Music, Dance and Visual Arts In The Hague in the Netherlands and was creative leader at the Medialab of the Dutch VPRO broadcasting company. After this, he worked as a creative director for JauntXR EMEA. The VR music video What Do We Care4, which he made for his own band, was nominated for a British music video award in 2015 and became a worldwide hit. The cinematic VR experience Ashes to Ashes, directed by Steye, won gold at the Netherlands VR Awards and was nominated for the Dutch Oscars. Weltatem – an interactive Virtual Reality Opera game – won two Dutch Game Awards. Currently Steye is working as a creative director for The Smartphone Orchestra and as a creative director for the 4DR Studio – a volumetric video captor studio in the Netherlands.

Research Question

In the FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency Steye will investigate for his Virtual Reality experience ‘The Imaginary Friend’ how he can keep the disbelief going in an interactive medium in which the user/spectator is present and plays an important role. Through a series of questions and tests – both dramaturgic and technical – Steye wants to investigate and stimulate the storytelling possibilities of Virtual Reality.


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