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Victorine van Alphen

Victorine van Alphen is an award winning transmedia artist, philosopher and curator fascinated by the tension between the sensual and rational – between ‘senses & systems’ – in our technologized human existence. With her work, she makes the underlying, perhaps untenable contradictions between ‘natural’ versus ‘artificial’, and ‘material’ versus ‘immaterial’ tangible. With ‘IVF-X: Posthuman Parenting in Hybrid reality’ she won a Golden Calf in 2021 and exhibited worldwide at Kaohsiung Film Festival (TW), New Images Paris, and Mix Brasil (Queer Film Festival) and was part of the exhibition Reproduction Otherwise in MU Hybrid Art House. Her work transcends disciplinary boundaries, genres and cultural conventions.

As an artistic researcher she researched and taught her method “choreographing modes of being” at various academies, including the Master of Film and Immersive Media department at the Film Academy in Amsterdam and at the Universität der Künste in Berlin: in this phenomenological experimental method the immersant and the many sensory, social and political dimensions and the dynamics between senses and meanings of the experience.

Research question
During the Vrijplaats, Victorine van Alphen investigates the (immersive/transmedial) possibilities of the current, future most unconscious forms and technologies of manipulation. And how far we can/want to go in this.

You can get in touch with Victorine via victorinevanalphen@icloud.com

Photo by Evelina Kvartunaite


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