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Anemone Oostland

Anemone Oostvriesland, born in Amsterdam in 1991, fulfills the functions of assistant director and education and outreach employee at Schweigman&. She sees this combination of tasks as a valuable synergy. In 2015, Anemone graduated from the ArtEZ Theater in Education Education in Arnhem. During her studies, she mainly focused on creating theater and followed various additional internships. For example, she worked as an assistant director in the performance “Circus in Veen” (2014) by the PeerGroup, under the direction of Floris van Delft. She also researched education at MAAS theater and dance, and played a role in the cast of “Erf” (2015) by Schweigman&.

After her education, Anemone worked full-time as a theater teacher for several years at various (youth) theater schools in North and South Holland. Over the past few years, in addition to several directorial assistants at Boukje Schweigman, she has played an important role in shaping the education department of Schweigman&. designed.

Anemone is a guest speaker during the Vrijplaats 2023 Creating the Experience.


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