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Hadassah de Boer

Hadassah de Boer is presenter and program maker. She started her career at the Amsterdam broadcaster AT5 where she worked as a reporter, presenter and editor. She was also one of the creators of successful programs such as Kort Amsterdams and De Zwoele Stad. After AT5 Hadassah was seen in the RTL4 talk show Met Man en Macht (final editing and presentation), at De Wereldomroep (presentation Studio NL) and at NPS (the current NTR), TV3 (together with Matthijs van Nieuwkerk), the Evenings of The Young Dancer / Young Musician / Short Film / Love Song, the presentation of The Edison’s Classical, The North Sea Jazz Festival and NPS Arena every Sunday afternoon. Hadassah was also featured in programs by National Geographic, De Jood Omroep, Llink, Themakanaal Cultura and presented every Saturday on radio 2, Tros Muziekcafé.

Hadassah de Boer is moderator for the workshop Multiple Voices – Inclusivity in Storytelling.


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