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Jelani Isaacs

Jelani Isaacs has been working in the world of advertising, marketing and film for over 25 years. With more than 2000 commercials, 10 feature films and more than 20 short films and video clips in his backpack, he now mainly focuses on developing new trajectories and possibilities for society-related problems in communication and media.
He also likes to share his knowledge and finds a teaching role in various education and training courses at, among others, PlusPlusone and the Willem de Kooning Academy. In 2021 he and his company New Amsterdam produced the feature film De Oost and 2 episodes of the Disney series Atlanta. NewAms are also about to embark on a new adventure by making an American period film and have become lead agency for the Van Gogh Museum.

Jelani Isaacs is mentor of Anouk Stilkenboom at the Vrijplaats Residency 2022.


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