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Maud, Valerie & Hanna

Maud Wiemeijer completed her Theater Studies degree at the University of Amsterdam in 2016. During her studies she was assistant director at Advocaat van de Duivel, van Bos Theater Productions. At the end of 2015 she came up with the concept for ANNE+, and wrote and developed the first season. In 2019 she received an ‘honorable mention’ from the Kees Holierhoek Scenario Prize 2019′ for ANNE+. She also worked as a screenwriter on the 3LAB series Bad Influencer (NL Film, AVROTROS, 2018/2019) and wrote and developed the entire second season of ANNE+ (8x 25 minutes).
Maud is currently busy developing several major projects for film, television and Netflix. Positive representation of LGBTQ+ characters and interesting female lead roles is highly valued in her work.

As a director, Valerie Bisscheroux focuses on positive and nuanced representation of LGBTQ+ characters and storylines in films and series. With progressive stories of women and queer people searching for their identity and expression.
Valerie graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy in 2017. ANNE+ became Valerie’s directorial debut. Valerie was nominated for the FPN Award 2017, for the project plan of ANNE+ and for directing in the Debut Competition at the Netherlands Film Festival in 2018. Valerie subsequently directed and developed ANNE+ season 2 (8x 25 min) and the feature film by ANNE+ (90 min. ).
Valerie is currently working on new plans for feature films and series.

Hanna van Vliet studied at the Amsterdam Toneelschool & Kleinkunstacademie and obtained her diploma in 2014. She is co-creator and lead actress of the queer hit series ANNE+. Hanna is actively committed to a broader representation of women’s roles and LGBTQ+ characters in the (Dutch) film and television landscape. In 2020 she was nominated for a Golden Calf for best actress for her role in ANNE+. Soon the cinema films ‘Drijfzand’ (2021) and ‘Lost Transport’ (2022) will be released, in which she plays the leading role. On stage, she played lead roles in the musicals ‘Pippi Longstocking’, ‘The Twins’ and ‘Fiddler on the Roof’. She has also appeared in films such as ‘Oh Baby’, ‘Brothers’ and the Netflix series ‘TOON’. She is currently shooting for the 9-part drama series ‘The Dream of Youth’.

They are speakers during the Vrijplaats 2021 – Positionality.


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