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Monic Hendrickx

Monic Hendrickx (1966) lived in Paramaribo, Surinam from the age of 3 to 7. When Monic is 7 she returns to the Brabant village of Deurne. In 1991 she graduated from the Theater Education at the Hogeschool Eindhoven.

From that year on she plays in many theater, TV and film productions. With her first major film role in ‘The Polish Bride’ directed by Karim Traidia, she falls in love with film acting. With that film she breaks through at the age of 31 so that she no longer disappears from the silver screen. Leading roles in, among others, ‘Nynke’, ‘Zus & Zo’, ‘Het Zuiden’, ‘Leef’, ‘Nadine’, ‘Kenau’, ‘Café Derby’, ‘Hope’ proved her versatility and guts. Supporting roles such as in ‘Diep’, ‘De Uitverkorene’ and ‘Of Ik Ben Gek’, give them depth in the blink of an eye. Apparently she seems to change shape effortlessly. From an Afghan refugee in ‘Unfinished Sky’ to a politically engaged South African wine farmer in the ‘Stellenbosch’ series to a tough gangster mother in ‘Penoza’. Her voice is just as changeable. Hendrickx is a language virtuoso, who speaks Polish, Afghan, Frisian or South African convincingly. With these film roles she wins prizes at home and abroad. Since 2010 she has been well known for her role in the hit series ‘Penoza’, for which she received her fourth Golden Calf in 2013.

Monic Hendrickx is speaker at the FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency.


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