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Roshanak Behesht Nedjad

Roshanak began working in the film industry as a festival coordinator and production manager. In 1999, she started her first production company Flying Moon with Helge Albers and Konstantin Kröning. Until 2014 they produced arthouse films, with over 30 international awards, among them the German Film Award in Gold, the Golden Leopard and the Prix Europe Iris.
In 2012, Roshanak launched another company, LudInc together with Jan von Meppen, in order to produce Serious Games. LudInc’s first game, Professor S., was nominated for the European Innovative Games Awards, named a Pioneer of new education by the Lego Foundation and won the German Computer Game Award for Best Serious Game in 2016. In 2015, she started In Good Company in Berlin and 2019 also in Leipzig.
Roshanak also works as an expert and consultant for various institutions and training organisations such EAVE. She is a member of the German as well as the European Film Academy, an EAVE graduate and group leader.

Roshanak Behesht Nedjad is mentor at the Post-Production Workshop.


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