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Wouter Pocornie

Wouter Pocornie studied Architecture and Urbanism (Urbanism) at the Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft. During his studies, he conducted research into slums in El Salvador, Nigeria, China and Haiti, among other things.
He started as an architect/researcher at EGM Architecten and built up the Research & Development department there. He has experience as an urban designer at the Municipality of Amsterdam, as a freelancer in Rotterdam and participated in several international workshops.
Now Wouter works on various projects and initiatives through his own one-man business 26H, with which he also works on assignments outside his discipline. For example, he gave a guest lecture on The Wire at the UvA, introductions prior to a play about gentrification for the production company Well Made Productions, and he is a researcher for a potential (TV) series.
Wouter is currently working with Bijlmer Believers 3.0 on strategy development in Amsterdam Southeast. Wouter is a Partner at Prospect Eleven in Amsterdam Southeast and a collaborating Partner/Researcher at The Black Archives Bijlmer.

Wouter Pocornie is speaker at the workshop Multiple Voices – Inclusivity in Storytelling and Vrijplaats 2021 – Positionality.


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