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FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency 2021: Positionality

The second edition of the Vrijplaats has the theme ‘Positionality’. Positionality is a concept from social and cultural anthropology that provides insight into how knowledge of your own backgrounds and traditions influences the people with whom you work and communicate. This positionality is the result of a large number of factors: where you were born, in which country or culture, in which social background, which modern and historical and (neo)colonial context.

Positionality is a relational concept. It is always about the relationships that you have or enter into on a personal or professional level. Understanding this provides knowledge about the way we see and understand the world, how we interact with others and the world around us. All of this is a result of our values, world view, and our own context in time and space.

Via the links on the right you can read more about the participants and experts of the Vrijplaats 2021.


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