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Vrijplaats 2023: Creating the Experience

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The fourth edition of de Vrijplaats is dedicated to “Creating the Experience”. We will look at everything that is currently happening outside the boundaries of film practice. How do you tell immersive stories for film, interactive, crossover (VR, AR and XR) and everything beyond? This is a world that is currently developing rapidly and influencing the way cinematic narratives are produced and experienced. The spectator becomes a participant. How do you shape that new experience, in film plan, screenplay, visual language, worldbuilding and how do you talk about the feeling you want to evoke in the viewer?

For whom is de Vrijplaats?

In de Vrijplaats Creating the Experience is room for all kinds of film professionals and image makers who want to research that immersive experience: production designers, theater makers, game designers, screenwriters, producers, dancers, composers, etc. De Vrijplaats is there for beginning makers who want to experiment with immersive storytelling but also for more experienced makers.

You work on your own research as well as that of others: you are researcher, test audience, sounding board and expert all at the same time. Community building is very important to de Vrijplaats, so we expect you to be available on all of the dates below. 

For your own research you will work with a mentor, in collaborative, partly self-designed sessions and master classes we will explore together the tension, the interplay, the dance between maker and participant, between immersive artist and immersant. Returning speakers at de Vrijplaats include Winnie Roseval (Positionality training) and Rogier Klomp who organizes DasArts feedback sessions.  

What is de Vrijplaats?

Think of de Vrijplaats as an open and creative space, a laboratory where all questions that contribute to deepening and improving your craftsmanship and the film and av sector can come into their own. Are you a creator from the Netherlands or Belgium (Flanders) and are you curious and empathetic, interested in giving and receiving feedback, in trying out and thinking, in researching what is not now by existing subsidies is covered? Then de Vrijplaats might be for you. 

Together we create a safe place to work on cinematic stories outside the steeled box. De Vrijplaats is not results-oriented but invests time for creative research processes.

Creating the Experience is curated by film journalist and writer Dana Linssen and immersive designer and strategist Nienke Huitenga. In consultation, each participant will be paired with a mentor who will guide your research process throughout de Vrijplaats.

For questions about de Vrijplaats, please contact Dymme Plomp (dymme@filmforward.nl).

Planning & Research

De Vrijplaats runs from May through November with almost weekly meetings. There is a summer break during July and August when we do not host meetings but participants continue to work individually on their research question and check in one-on-one with their mentor and facilitators. At the end of the course, you will present your research to an audience of peers, professionals and other interested parties. Participants receive a stipend. Together we tailor de Vrijplaats to your research.

A sampling of research questions from previous editions:

  • How can you prepare your film so that only one take is enough?
  • Are there ways to write a film application that does more justice to the creator’s cultural heritage?
  • How do you bring film and theater together live?
  • How to develop an experimental children’s film as a video artist?

Further details:

  • Deadline for registration is March 24.
  • Makers from the Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders) can apply.
  • Selection will be announced in the beginning of April.
  • Workshop dates: May 16 to Nov. 19, 2023 with summer break from July 3 to Sept. 7.
  • Language of instruction is Dutch and English, depending on participants.
  • Participants receive a stipend of €3,000 to cover part of living expenses.
  • There is room for a total of eight makers from the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Selection emphasizes a diversity of experiences and backgrounds
  • Time commitment: one to two days a week. Sometimes we organize program several days in a row and the time commitment is more. Participants must be present at all meetings. 
  • There is a summer break in July and August where there are no joint meetings but there are one-on-one meetings with mentor and supervisor so that steps can be taken in the research.
  • Participants will work toward a concluding joint presentation in November.
  • The program will take place primarily at MACA Amsterdam. For some meetings we divert to other locations, including outside Amsterdam and possibly Belgium.

Program (subject to change):

  • May 16 & 17: Kick-off
  • May 24, 25, 31: joint program
  • June 14 & 21: joint program
  • June 29 & 30, July 1: field trip
  • Sept. 7,13,14, 26: joint program
  • Visit to Dutch Film Festival (Sept. 22 – 29) – exact date not yet known
  • Oct. 4,5,11,12,13,25: joint program
  • Nov. 1, 10 & 29: joint program
  • Visit to IDFA (Nov. 8-19)

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For questions about de Vrijplaats, please contact Dymme Plomp (dymme@filmforward.nl).


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