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Vrijplaats Residency – The Tailormade Edition:
Visual Storytelling

After four successful editions of Vrijplaats, FilmForward’s residency, FilmForward is organizing a special edition starting from December 2023: Vrijplaats Residency – The Tailormade Edition: Visual Storytelling. Vrijplaats is a free workspace where film and AV professionals can conduct research to deepen their professional practice.

Why a customized edition? This special tailored version is designed for AV professionals who need to keep their schedules flexible for last-minute shooting schedules and ad hoc tasks but still want to make time to enrich their professional practice. Therefore, we now offer you the opportunity to conduct practice-based research over a period of six months to further deepen and develop your skills. The deadline for registration is Tuesday, October 31st, at 5:00 PM. Register via the button at the top of the page.

‘Vrijplaats Residency – The Tailormade Edition’ is aimed at film professionals with at least five years of professional experience who have a strong interest in the visual aspects of filmmaking: for example, cinematographers, production designers, costume designers, sound designers, world builders, directors, and any other member of the film crew. We welcome career changers and professionals from visual arts backgrounds looking to sharpen their expertise.

Think of analyzing films around a specific style or theme, conducting expert discussions with foreign peers, receiving feedback from unexpected sources on existing work, or experimenting with new approaches. Essentially, anything is possible, and if you feel the need to further develop yourself but don’t know how, we can also work together to create a customized program.

And there’s more! The stipend for ‘Vrijplaats Residency – The Tailormade Edition‘ is €2,000,- and each participant can invest a personal budget of €1,300,- in expert meetings, workshops, and visual research in consultation with the Vrijplaats team.

Who is eligible? FilmForward is looking for experienced image shapers, masters of visual storytelling, and anyone passionate about visual creation, regardless of whether you are a seasoned professional, an emerging talent, or someone who has served as an assistant and is now ready to grow further.

What can you expect? In the lead-up to the kickoff, you will discuss a personal research goal and plan with our team. We will collectively start the adventure during the weekend of December 8th and 9th. You will then work with an experienced mentor who will coach your research. We expect you to spend approximately 250 hours on this. Midway through the program, we will come together again for an inspiring meeting to share our progress and learn from each other.

The program concludes with a DasArts feedback session and a presentation for an interested audience of colleagues and other stakeholders in the industry. Additionally, the program includes a joint Positionality training to support your personal and professional growth.

‘Vrijplaats Residency – The Tailormade Edition‘ is curated by film journalist and writer Dana Linssen.

Additional details:

  • There is space for a maximum of 6 participants;
  • The registration deadline is Tuesday, October 31st;
  • Selection interviews will take place on November 15th and 16th;
  • We will announce the participants in mid-November;
  • Workshops and meetings will mostly take place at MACA, NDSM-Werf, Amsterdam;
  • Travel expenses will be reimbursed;
  • The language of instruction is Dutch or English, depending on the participants;

Workshop Dates:

  • Thursday, December 7th (Kick-off drinks and pizza)
  • Friday, December 8th, and Saturday, December 9th (kick-off sessions)
  • 1 meeting during IFFR (January 25th – February 4th)
  • Thursday, March 14th, and Friday, March 15th: meetings
  • Thursday, May 9th, and Friday, May 10th: meetings & evaluation
  • Final presentations, to be announced

Learn more about previous editions of Vrijplaats via the link.

Contact Vrijplaats op Maat:

Do you have any questions or need more information? Feel free to contact Dymme Plomp via dymme@filmforward.nl.


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