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Launching new network Screen Talent NL

The new network organization Screen Talen NL was launched during the Professionals Conference of the Netherlands Film Festival on 28 September. Screen Talent NL is a new network of regional talent and production hubs that focuses on the interregional coordination, development and cooperation between the regional talent and production initiatives spread across the country.

In addition to setting up and strengthening regional film infrastructures, this will sustainably strengthen the Netherlands as a film country. The network assumes equal access for film talent from all over the Netherlands to create a more diverse, inclusive and opportunity-level playing field, where talent in all disciplines can develop and grow and where stories and makers from all over the country are given equal opportunities.

As part of the investment agenda from the entire Dutch production sector, an investment of €6 million is requested from national politicians for this nationally spread infrastructure for talent development. In addition to strengthening the regional hubs, specific investments are made in talent activities and (production) processes.

The founding partners of Screen Talen NL are CineSud, Limburg Film Office, New Noardic Wave, Screen Noord, We Are Playgrounds (Brabant), MACA (Noord-Holland) and Machinerie (Utrecht), supported by FilmForward. In the coming years, Screen Talent NL will be working on expanding the network and wants to set up a strong infrastructure in every province by investing specifically in nodes, talent and (talent) productions.



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