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Networking & Matchmaking

FilmForward works together with film festivals, regional talent incubators (‘Broedplaatsen’), professional associations, funds, broadcasting companies and streaming services to better coordinate supply and demand of talent and skills programs. FilmForward also explores which existing programs can be expanded, strengthened and made more widely accessible.

In 2020 FilmForward has developed and organized programs for and with various stakeholders and organizations to promote innovation in training and ensure that the sector becomes more diverse and inclusive.

Workshops Covid Manager On Set
The new security measures brought about by Covid-19 asked for new rules on film and TV sets. In collaboration with CFAP, Filmfonds, NAPA, NCP, NFF, this workshop was set up to inform and train professionals into the new functions that this entailed.

Multiple Voices – Inclusivity in Storytelling
Together with Aanjager Kleur, Cinéart, DAFF, Eye, IFFR, Gusto Entertianment, NFF, Rose Stories, a three-day investigation was organized into the ‘positionality’ of a filmmaker: where do you stand in relation to the dominant and different story? How can you make your films more diverse and inclusive?

Created By
In collaboration with AVROTROS, Netflix, Network Screenwriters & Authors Association, New Noardic Wave and the Northern Film Festival, a workshop for “creators” of television series was organized. What is the role of these creators, also called showrunners? How do they work on an international level? And which best practices are also useful for Dutch?

FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency – The New Wilderness
Pilot version of a new long-term research and development trajectory in which ten makers from all walks of the film and AV industry are enabled to conduct research that falls outside the existing ‘production driven’ trajectories and programs.

Post-Production Workshop
In collaboration with APostLab and Cinesud, and with the support of the Netherlands Film Fund and Creative Europe, a workshop is organized on how we can make our sector compatible with the new practice where post-production increasingly starts in pre-production.

Owning The Plan
Due to the high demand for further training on the production and budgeting of complex international films and series, a workshop is being organized in collaboration with CFAP, Film Fund and We Are Playground for line producers, first ADs and budget controllers who want to take their knowledge and skills to an international level.



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