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From what conditioning do you see the world?

Interview with screen writer Jeanine Cronie about the Positionality training.

by: Sabrina Sugiarto

What was the reason you wanted to participate in this?
I was selected for the Vrijplaats and the Positionality training was the first part of the program. During the training you will be given tools with which you can remove ‘shells’ and see the real person sitting in front of you. The training not only helps to sharpen your own view and find out from which conditioning you see the world. But it also lets you look at your fellow group members and understand where they come from, who they are, and that’s a great start to a process like the Vrijplaats.

What was your expectation?
I expected to work mainly with myself. That self-examination; what is my story, where did my cradle stand, what is my view of the world – I already had that knowledge. But you get such good examples from Winnie and not only examples that she tells in a narrative way, but she also uses images that make you think ; oh yes that is also inclusivity. You look at the world from your own perspective, but inclusivity is much more than people initially think. For example, it is not only about having a migrant background, but also about people with disabilities or people from different social classes. Winnie knows how to make that very clear in words and images.

What has stayed with you the most?
At the start of the training, Winnie ensures that safety is guaranteed. Together we agreed on how we felt that safety should be guaranteed. This allowed everyone to be open and vulnerable and that was very special to see happen.

What was it like doing this in a group?
If you are in such an intensive process as the Vrijplaats with a group, it is super valuable to do a Positionality training. Getting to know each other in this way ensures that you can support each other better and it creates a bond. In the process you become very aware of your position within the group. As a person of color, I know what has always been the prevailing norm, but for people who don’t have that clear, that was really an eye-opener. Other perspectives make you aware of your own blind spot. Almost everyone has a blind spot. Me too.

What has it brought you?
I thought I had quite a bit of knowledge, but if you get it “in your face”, the view of others, how they experience and experience things, that is very instructive. I think I learned the most from others during this training than about myself. That’s what I take with me, that I learned just that.
The Positionality training has been super valuable to me. I believe that it can do no harm, if you are going to work with various people or want more knowledge about this subject, to follow this as well. I think it can open a lot of eyes.

Jeanine Cronie is screen writer and followed the Positionality training as a participant of the Vrijplaats.
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