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Dana Linssen

Quarter master

Dana Linssen is a philosopher and freelance film critic, writer, curator, and lecturer of cinematic arts and policies from the Netherlands. She writes reviews, interviews, and other articles on film and related audio-visual arts for NRC and attends international film festivals, mostly as a critic or as a mentor of young critic’s programs, moderator of Q&A’s and talk shows, or as a speaker at conferences or panels, and occasionally as a member of the FIPRESCI press jury.
She was editor in chief of independent film magazine de Filmkrant from 1998-2019 where she initiated Filmkrant Lab, a year-round training ground for young film critics. Furthermore, Dana teaches film history, analysis, and theory at the Theatre Academy of ArtEZ Academy of the Arts in Arnhem, the Department of Audio-Visual Media and Writing for Performance at the HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht.
With Jan Pieter Ekker, she curates the Critics’ Choice at the International Film Festival Rotterdam since 2015 and founded the new competition program Director’s Forum at the Netherlands Film Festival. Since 2009 she has been organizing debates, residencies, and publications under the moniker of The Slow Criticism Project, a ‘playform’ for innovative criticism and a counterbalance against the commodification of film journalism.
Dana Linssen and Joost de Vries were asked to jointly write a strategic plan for a new talent and skills development institute for working professionals in the Dutch film and audiovisual sector. Since 2020 they have been working together as quartermasters on the pilot phase of this network organization.


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