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Joost de Vries

Quarter master

After being a producer and CEO of Amsterdam-based renowned production company Lemming Film for over 20 years, and establishing a considerable international track record, Joost de Vries decided to (once more) become an independent producer in 2016. With his new company An Original Picture, he is working closely with exceptional filmmakers on international productions.
Joost’s credits include Yorgos Lanthimos’ Academy Award-nominated and Cannes Jury Prize-winner The Lobster, Cannes Best Director winning Heli by Amat Escalante, and Serbian coproduction Humidity which premiered at the Berlinale. He is currently working on Blind Willow Sleeping Woman, an animation feature by Pierre Földes, based on the work of Haruki Murakami and the road movie Sleep by director Jan-Willem van Ewijk.
Besides being a producer, he is the managing director of Amsterdam Post Lab organizing international workshops for producers and post-production supervisors to improve their post-production management skills under the slogan: ‘Post before you shoot’ and he works for the Dutch insurance company No Risk On Set, providing risk assessment and monitoring film productions of a certain scale and complexity for their completion bond product.
Joost de Vries and Dana Linssen were asked to jointly write a strategic plan for a new talent and skills development institute for working professionals in the Dutch film and audiovisual sector. Since 2020 they have been working together as quartermasters on the pilot phase of this network organization.


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