Vrijplaats Residency 2024: Hybrid - fiction/non-fiction

The sixth edition of the Vrijplaats, FilmForward’s residency, focuses on the theme ‘hybrid’. It’s a term we often hear when it comes to films that don’t fit into a box. Documentaries that use staged elements, fiction films in which existing figures play a version of themselves, cinematic productions that use many styles and narrative forms.

The ‘Vrijplaats Hybride’ is organized by FilmForward in collaboration with IDFA.

Do you have questions or want more information? Do not hesitate to contact Dymme Plomp via dymme@filmforward.nl.

Hybrid seems to be a magic word when it comes to films that do not stick to one type of film, genre or style. But what do we actually mean by it? The Vrijplaats residency pushes the boundaries and is open to makers who are currently working on such a hybrid production and want to do more in-depth research. We aim at film professionals and AV makers who already have some experience, preferably who have worked on two productions of 52 minutes or longer that have had an official screening. When we think of makers, we think of all kinds of professionals: directors, screenwriters, producers, but certainly also editors, researchers and people from the visual team.

During the Vrijplaats residency you will work on your own research, which is why we ask you to register with a research question that is related to the hybrid project you want to work on. In addition, there is a joint program of inspiration sessions and master classes with plenty of room for watching and discussing your own work and hybrid films together. Each participant receives a stipend and there is a personal budget available that can be used for your research. Participants are expected to attend all joint sessions.

There are a number of fixed components, such as the Positionality Training by Winnie Roseval and the DasArts evaluation sessions led by Rogier Klomp. The participants join the talent development courses of IDFA from IDFA Project Space in the summer to IDFAcademy during IDFA in November.

Vrijplaats 2024: Hybrid – fiction/non-fiction runs from the end of May to the beginning of December.
In the months of July and August there is a summer break during which we do not organize any meetings, but the participants continue to work individually on their research question and check in one-on-one with the mentors. At the end of the process, we present your findings to the sector through a final event where interested parties can learn more about your research and project.

The ‘Vrijplaats Hybride’ is curated by film journalist and writer Dana Linssen and documentary filmmaker Ester Gould.

Your research will be coached by Dana Linssen, Ester Gould, and Dymme Plomp (the project manager of the Vrijplaats). There is ample space for peer review, and if necessary, we will engage external experts.

Are you still unsure about your research? Please contact us. Together we can see how your needs for research and development fit into our upcoming Vrijplaats residency.

  • There is room for a maximum of 8 participants.
  • The registration deadline is Monday, March 25, 2:00 PM;
  • The online selection interviews will take place on April 10 and 11;
  • We will announce the participants at the end of April;
  • The workshops and meetings largely take place in MACA, NDSM-Werf, Amsterdam;
  • Travel expenses will be reimbursed;
  • The working language is Dutch or English, depending on the group composition;
  • The stipend for the ‘Vrijplaats Hybrid’ is €3,000 and each participant can, in consultation with the Vrijplaats team, invest a personal budget of €750 in expert meetings, workshops and image research.
  • We expect you to participate in all joint sessions.

Program (subject to change)

Thursday May 23


Friday May 24


Thursday May 30

Friday May 31

Tuesday June 4

Thursday June 13

Friday June 28

Monday 1 to Saturday 6 July

IDFA Project Space, dates TBA

Tuesday September 10th

Wednesday September 11th

Tuesday October 1

Wednesday October 2

Thursday October 3

Friday November 1

November 14 – 17

IDFA Academy; dates TBA

Thursday, November 28

Final presentations

Tuesday December 3

Do you have questions or want more information? Don’t hesitate to contact Dymme Plomp at dymme@filmforward.nl.


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