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FilmForward organizes workshops for ‘Het Beloofde Land’

For the talent development program ‘Het Beloofde Land‘, FilmForward organizes a number of production workshops for the participating producers in February, March and April. The workshops are given by producers Rogier Kramer, Koji Nelissen and Ellen Havenith.

During these workshops, the selected producers are updated on, among other things, the role, responsibilities and positioning of the producer; about the positioning of your project and required documents for an application; and about the finances, from budget to settlement.

Het Beloofde Land is an initiative of Screen Talent NL, the network of talent and production hubs in the Dutch film sector and FilmForward, which focuses on interregional coordination and cooperation between the (regional) talent and production hubs.
For this talent development program, 16 filmmakers and 11 producers have been selected to develop film plans in the provinces of Drenthe, Groningen, Friesland, Limburg and North Brabant.
You can find more information about the talent development process and the participants via this link.

Fotocredit: Marc Henri Queré


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