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Date16, 17, 22 June 2021LocationOn location in Amsterdam Costs€ 275,- / with discountcode € 200,- (both excl. 21% BTW)Deadline for registrationRegistration is closed

There is a great need for inclusive and diverse stories. But who tells them? And with and for whom?
In the workshop Multiple voices – Inclusivity in Storytelling we will work with tools and training to make ourselves aware of and look for our own ‘positionality’. Positionality originated in anthropology, and is a way of examining the position from which we tell stories and how they relate to socially dominant and underrepresented stories. This training is about the way in which personal context and substantive content reinforce, enrich and challenge each other in every project.

Multiple voices – Inclusivity in Storytelling is for everyone involved in telling, designing, making and screening film and audiovisual productions. From screenwriters and directors, to script coaches, producers and distributors and everyone from the visual team from production designers to cameramen.

During this three-day workshop, questions about representation, diversity and inclusion that arise when making a film or AV project are central. Together we will look for the different lenses through which you can look at the world. We do this on the basis of inspiring examples and case studies, but also on the basis of our own project. This can be a project in development, or an existing production in which you have encountered these questions.

The workshop is led by Winnie Roseval (consultant diversity & inclusion and researcher at the Inclusive Education research group, HHs).

Opzet Workshop

  • 16 June (afternoon/evening): case study Rocks
  • 17 June (all day): Positionality training & case study Buladó
  • 22 June (all dag): Own casus or project and guest speaker Naomi van Stapele

June 16
We start the workshop with the screening and discussion of the film Rocks. Rocks (Sarah Gavron, Anu Henriques, Theresa Ikoko, Claire Wilson) was a worldwide festival success and was nominated for seven BAFTAs this year.
The film about a group of friends at a high school in East London is a wonderful example of community building and inclusivity at all levels of the production process. From research, to direction and follow-up projects for the young talents. After completing the film, the production team started a non-profit organization with which they invest in inclusive filmmaking in a sustainable way.

June 17
During the second day, under the guidance of philosopher and inclusivity researcher Winnie Roseval, we will discuss how we can make room for stories and perspectives that have previously been told in a stigmatizing way, if at all. What can we, as story-makers and storytellers, do to broaden the narrative and weave different perspectives into stories?
To answer this question, we also investigate how our perspective originated and what our responsibilities are to provide a new form of inclusive storytelling. The training focuses on connecting personal context and content content.
The day will conclude with a conversation with Eché Janga, the maker of Buladó, who won the Golden Calf for Best Dutch Film last year. For Buladó they were inspired by the surviving stories of enslaved people fleeing from the salt mines on Curaçao.

June 22
The third day is devoted to your own practical example. This can be 1. A project in development, 2. An ongoing project or 3. An already completed project in which you have specifically encountered something or you have felt in an uncomfortable situation. Winnie Roseval will analyze these projects and situations with you and provide tools to deal with them.
Researcher, sociologist and anthropologist Naomi van Stapele (lecturer Inclusive Education at The Hague University of Applied Sciences) provides insight from her professional practice into “making room” for other stories and ways to strengthen this through research. Her working method is community-led, in which the research group is always part of the process and helps determine how the research takes shape. In Nairobi, Kenya, she conducts community-led research with and through gangs.
On this day, inspired by the speakers, we work towards tools and an action plan for the next steps in your own creative process.

Voor wie?

For screenwriters, directors, producers, script coaches, production designers, cameramen, distributors and anyone involved in narrating, making and designing film and audiovisual productions.

Partners en coaches

Multiple voices – inclusivity in Storytelling is a collaboration of diversity & inclusion consultant Winnie Roseval, Generation Inclusion / Rose Stories, Dutch Academy for Film (DAFF), Dutch Directors Guild (DDG), Script Academy and Gusto Entertainment. Powered by FilmForward.

Speakers and experts include diversity & inclusion consultant Winnie Roseval, researcher, sociologist and anthropologist and lecturer Inclusive Education at The Hague University of Applied Sciences Naomi van Stapele and filmmaker Eché Janga.

Praktische informatie

Are you interested? Register via the registration form (see button at the top of the page) and add a letter in which you briefly introduce yourself (who are you, what do you do and what are your ambitions) and your motivation to participate in the workshop . If you have a specific case / story that you want to include, please let us know.

  • 3-day workshop on location (closed sessions for participants)
    June 16: afternoon or evening
    June 17: all day
    June 22 : all day
  • 10 – 12 participants
  • Language: Dutch and English (case study Rocks)
  • Deadline application: May 19
  • The selection will be announced on May 21, when all candidates will be informed.

* Multiple voices – Inclusivity in Storytelling is co-financed by the Film Fund. You are therefore not eligible for a contribution in the field of training activities of the Film Fund.

* In special cases, a grant is available to help with the costs of the workshop. If you want to be eligible for this, after submitting your online application, send us an email with motivation to info@filmforward.nl o.v.v. “Motivation for compensation costs Multiple voices – Inclusivity in Storytelling”.

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