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DateNovember 22 - November 27, 2021LocationOnline and at location in AmsterdamCosts€ 300,- excl. 21% VAT *Deadline for registration20 september 2021

In the Netherlands we are increasingly producing in collaboration with international partners and for international studios and streaming services. The increased complexity of these productions places high demands on the quality of the organization and in particular on the planning, budget and budget control.

OWNING THE PLAN is a workshop for line producers, first ADs and budget controllers who want to take their knowledge and skills to an international level.

The workshop is a special Dutch edition of the well-known initiative ‘Production Value – The European Scheduling Budgeting Workshop’, combined with a completely newly developed program for budget control.

Owning the plan is organized by Production Value, with support from the Netherlands Film Fund and CFAP. Powered by FilmForward.

Workshop structure

Before the workshop:
  • Participants are divided into teams of one executive producer, one first AD and one budget controller, and are assigned a project under development / financing from a Dutch producer / production company;
  • after consultation with the trainers (via video calls), each team draws up an initial planning and budget.

During the workshop:

  • During the workshop, line producers and first ADs work on a production plan for a complex international film or series.
  • Budget controllers will attend specific sessions on setting up a budget control system for an international co-production, reading a financing plan and mapping out spending commitments, working out cash flow and currency issues, and preparing reports.
  • Each evening, several lectures are held on topics related to planning and budgeting, diversity and inclusion and green filmmaking.
  • On the last day of the workshop, the producers of the projects join the workshop and the plan is presented to them and discussed by the teams;

The workshop takes place over six days in Amsterdam, is taught in English and requires full-time participation. We expect participants to have the time available to make homework and to prepare two weeks prior to the workshop.
Due to current circumstances and Covid-19 restrictions, it is possible to switch to a two-week online workshop (with part-time participation).

For whom

  • Line producers and assistant directors with sufficient experience to be able to devote themselves to planning and budgeting complex international productions
  • Budget controllers with experience in film and television

In each category four participants are selected.

Partners and coaches

Owning the plan is organized by Production Value, with support from the Netherlands Film Fund and CFAP. Powered by FilmForward.
The names of the coaches and trainers will follow.

Practical information

  • Six-day workshop on location in Amsterdam: November 22th – November 27th, 2021.
  • 12 participants
  • Costs: € 300, – excl. 21% VAT *
  • Language of instruction: English / the sessions on budget control are mainly in Dutch
  • The registration form must be completed in English
  • Application deadline: September 20th, 2021
  • The selection will be announced on September 18th, 2021. Everyone who has registered will be notified.

* In special cases, a grant is available for the cost of the workshop. If you want to qualify for this, please explain this in your motivation in the registration form.

* The course is co-financed by the Film Fund. You are therefore not eligible for a subsidy from the Film Fund.

Questions? Mail to info@filmforward.nl stating ‘Owning The Plan’.