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Carina Molier

Since her education at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (theatre direction) Carina is investigating the boundaries between theatre, film, this visual arts and music, between fiction and reality. Working with – among others – Frascati, Toneelgroep Amsterdam and Toneelgroep Maastricht, and a group of permanent collaborators she developed a series of multidisciplinary shows, often based on documentary reality. She also developed reflective, interactive installations such as Hotel 2012 for Toneelgroep Amsterdam and De Parade. After a number of short films she made two long documentaries: My Long Distance Friend and Back to the Taj Mahal Hotel. In addition, she coached young makers (Veemtheater, Frascati) and students at various theatre schools (AHK, HKU, Maastricht Theatre Academy, ArtEZ and the Rits in Brussels).

Carina Molier is speaker at the Vrijplaats 2021 – Positionality


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