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FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency 2021 online presentations

This year FilmForward organized the second edition of the Vrijplaats. De Vrijplaats is a three-month residency for film and AV professionals that offers free work and thinking space to work on a research question that does not fit within the existing development trajectories. The theme of the FilmForward Vrijplaats 2021 is Positionality. In recent months, […]

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Four Journeys by Louis Hothothot opens IDFA 2021

On November 17, the Dutch film Four Journeys by FilmForward Vrijplaats participant Louis Hothothot (Louis Yi Liu) opens the 34th edition of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. Four Journeys is a personal film about the destructive influence of the one-child policy introduced in 1979 on a Chinese family. Filmmaker Louis Hothothot (Louis Yi Liu) […]

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Launching new network Screen Talent NL

The new network organization Screen Talen NL was launched during the Professionals Conference of the Netherlands Film Festival on 28 September. Screen Talent NL is a new network of regional talent and production hubs that focuses on the interregional coordination, development and cooperation between the regional talent and production initiatives spread across the country. In […]

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Makers of color crew: an update

Sabrina Sugiarto, manager diversity and inclusion at FilmForward, is currently working on creating an overview of filmmakers and crew members of color and their needs. At this moment Sabrina spoke to more than 60 makers and crew members. The talks Sabrina had with them made clear that there is a need to be more visible […]

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Now online: the AV-Agenda

This week the AV-Agenda was launched, the place where all events for the audiovisual sector are announced. AV-Agenda.nl is an initiative of the Netherlands Film Festival (NFF), Netherlands Professional Association of Film and Television Makers (NBF) and FilmForward and is added and supplemented in collaboration with the many branch organizations and trade associations, so that […]

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If you have good intention, it doesn’t say that you are also doing the right thing

How do you cast color blind? When does cultural appropriation occur? Questions that were addressed during the second edition of the Multi-voice Storytelling workshop. Writers, directors and other industry professionals examined their positionality. The participants of the Multiple Voices -Inclusivity in Storytelling workshop agree on one thing: there are no unambiguous answers to these questions. […]

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Owning the Plan

A new workshop will start on November 22th, 2021, for lineproducers, first AD’s and budgetcontrollers that want to push their skills and knowledge to an international level. ‘Owning The Plan’ is organized together with Production Value, with support of The Netherlands Film Fund and CFAP. At this moment two spots are open: one for a […]

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Apply for FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency 2021

Are you a working professional in film and audiovisual media? Do you draw storyboards, or write scripts, compose film scores, develop games, play characters, or direct films, video clips or commercials? And have you participated in productions that have had a public screening or presentation? Then the FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency is for you! The FilmForward […]

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Generation Inclusion is looking for storytellers

Generation Inclusion is a new talent development trajectory to make the media landscape more inclusive. To give a new generation of makers plenty of scope and make their voices heard, the sector has joined forces for Generation Inclusion, led by the production house and talent developer ROSE stories and in collaboration with FilmForward, various streamers, […]

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Survey visibility working professionals of color

The audiovisual sector must be more diverse and inclusive! But how? The industry says: we can’t find the makers of color. That must come to an end once and for all. FilmForward is looking for individual makers and networks of color. What are your wishes, ideas and needs? How can we strengthen your creatorship? Filmmaker […]

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Monday March, 15 – online information session ‘Working in times of corona’ 

On Monday 15 March from 3:00 – 4:30 pm, FilmForward organized, in collaboration with the COVID-19 protocol working group, producer associations NAPA and NCP, and the DAFF, an online information session about working in times of corona and the COVID-19 protocol. The online program covers various topics related to the protocol and different professionals share […]

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Make room for other perspectives

One of the first workshops that FilmForward organized at the request of the film industry, formulated questions on diversity and inclusion in the industry and the stories we tell. The participants examined their own “positionality” and cleaned up the lens through which they look at the world. Diversity and inclusion are currently hot topics in […]

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The New Wilderness

A table with a garden on it. In other words: a huge table with a mini garden on it. It is located in the middle of one of the studios at the Posta Sound for Picture in Amsterdam, which has been the home base of the FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency for about a month. That table […]

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New workshops coming up….

In January the Post-Production Workshop will start on the technical, financial and creative aspects of post-production and the challenges of the international co-production environment. And in March a workshop will start for line producers, first ADs and budget controllers who want to take their knowledge and skills to an international level.

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