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Celine Daemen

Celine Daemen (born 1995, Schimmert) is a director of transdisciplinary art. Her work is on the cutting edge of theatre, music, visual arts and technology. After graduating from the Maastricht Theater Academy, she made several productions in which immersive in both music and a virtual environment are the common thread.

Thematically, questions about “being” are central. Celine wants to create sensory experiences that invite the audience to look inward. This inward journey takes them to a place where personal associations arise in response to universal philosophical questions.

She is the founder of Studio Nergens in Amsterdam, an investigative, poetic and multiform expression centered around director Celine Daemen. Transdisciplinary symbioses are always created with changing  soul mates.

Celine Daemen is mentor of Vrijplaats participant Victorine van Alphen and speaker at the Vrijplaats Residency 2023.


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