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Chee-Han & Reza Kartosen-Wong

Chee-Han (1981) is an internationally active film editor with a cross-media vision. She mainly edits TV commercials for companies such as adidas, HEMA and Coca Cola and has worked on television programs for Hulu and 24Kitchen. In addition, Chee-Han also gives talks to media and advertising makers and guest lectures at universities on ‘editing, diversity and inclusion’ and she is a board member of ADCN.
Reza (1973) worked as a journalist/radio producer for De Wereldomroep, among others, and is now a lecturer in media & culture at the UvA and a writer. In 2016 he obtained his doctorate for research into the cultural identifications and media consumption of young Asian Dutch people. Reza focuses on themes such as media & diversity and cultural identity. He gives lectures about this and writes opinion pieces, columns and essays for Het Parool and Trouw, among others.

Together, Reza and Chee-Han form Bongkar with Wongkar, a social enterprise committed to a more diverse and inclusive media and cultural landscape. For example, they wrote the children’s books ‘Where’s my noodle soup?!?’ and ‘Fried rice with anything and everything!!!’ and together with publisher ROSE Stories they have published the Dutch translation of the New York Times bestseller ‘Eyes that kiss in the corner’. They also made the awareness video #ikziewatjijnietziet about anti-Asian racism. That video went viral and won a Silver Lamp ADCN in 2021.

Chee-Han and Reza are speakers at the Vrijplaats 2022 – Young Perspectives.


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