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Hasse van Nunen

Hasse van Nunen is a documentary producer at her company,  Een van de jongens (which she has together with Renko Douze). In collaboration with idiosyncratic makers with strong visions, she produces meaningful and artistically high-quality documentaries.
In that capacity, she felt a strong need years ago to shake up society more with the documentaries she produced. And so she founded the Impact Academy (now Impact Makers) together with Bernadette Kuiper; a sector-wide collaboration between funds, NPO, broadcasters, producers and documentary makers to make a difference in society with documentaries. This resulted in a number of new financing options for impact projects and it introduced a previously unknown profession for the Netherlands, that of impact producer.
Meanwhile, she is also working as an impact producer herself (besides still producing films). Her greatest success to date has been the impact campaign on the documentary series Klassen.

Hasse van Nunen is speaker at the Vrijplaats Residency 2022.


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