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Ida van de Lagemaat

Ida van de Lagemaat is a teacher, director, trainer, and training actress. She teaches the Stanislavski system and its implementation, Method Acting. Additionally, she works as a training actress in companies and organizations and directs at Operagroep The Fat Lady in Haarlem. Her background includes education, healthcare management, and theater.

Her work and approach are significantly influenced by the system of the Russian actor and director of the Moscow Theatre, Constantin Stanislavski. His scientific approach to acting has led to a system that continues to be a source of inspiration in the theater and film world.

Ida has her own company, Improduct, a combination of ‘improvisation’ and ‘products,’ and everything she does is related to being ‘in the moment.’ Contact is the keyword for truly being present, as in being curious, attentive, and engaged, and it is the fundamental attitude in all her work. She creates customized workshops alongside a series of lessons for those with the ambition to become actors.

Ida van de Lagemaat is an expert for the Vrijplaats Creating the Experience.


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