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Nienke Huitenga

Nienke Huitenga (1984) is an immersive designer, creative media strategist and digital artist. She directs and produces interactive productions from virtual reality to transmedia strategies. Huitenga reached an audience of millions with transmedia productions Human Birdwings and The Modular Body.
In 2016 The Modular Body was awarded the first ever Gouden Kalf (Dutch Oscar) for best interactive work. In 2019 Huitenga competed in the immersive non-fiction competition of IDFA DocLab with ROZSYPNE, a short roomscale VR-experience about an old lady trying to persevere daily life in the Eastern-Ukrainian warzone, with the MH17-crash at her doorstep. Currently Huitenga is developing WINWIN – A Consensus Algorithm: an algorithmic debate performance to recalibrate democratic rituals towards harmony and consensus. Huitenga was co-founder from journalistic innovation agency Hackastory from 2013-2020.


Nienke Huitenga is mentor of FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency 2020 participants Mark IJzerman and Steye Hallema and of FilmForward Vrijplaats 2021 participants Emilia Tapprest and Victor Evink




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