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Pieter Koolwijk

Pieter Koolwijk (1974) grew up in South Holland, but has lived in the province of Drenthe for quite some time. Here it was where he rediscovered writing and Flea and Stiekel came to life. Publisher Lemniscaat was enthusiastic about the story and gave Pieter the opportunity to make his debut, with the result that the book is now for sale in seven countries. As a little boy, Pieter loved Roald Dahl’s books. Actually still. If you ask him about his favorite book, he will immediately answer The Griezels. Pieter likes cheerful stories full of strange situations that are not really possible. He likes to read them the most, but especially to write them himself. Because he prefers to do that. Especially if he can give something to think about just a little longer.

Pieter Koolwijk is speaker at the FilmForward Vrijplaats Residency.


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