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Sia Hermanides

With her films and series, scriptwriter and director Sia Hermanides wants to create new images and show underexposed stories.
After getting her Bachelor’s degree in Media and Culture (minor Gender Studies, Political Science) at the University of Amsterdam, and a few months of teaching in Tanzania, Hermanides graduated cum laude from the Utrecht School of the Arts in 2010, majoring in screenwriting and directing fiction.

In 2016 she wrote and directed the BosBros-produced TV series ‘VOETBALMEISJES’. The series was nominated for the Prix Genève and won the Cinekid Kinderkast Jury award. In 2019 she directed the series ‘PAPADAG’ and the mid-length film ‘Afua’ which received rave reviews from audiences and press. Hermanides wrote and directed season 1 and 2 of the popular martial arts TV series ‘NINJA NANNY’. The series was awarded a five-star review in the NRC and has been sold to several countries including Germany, Denmark, Norway, South Korea and Slovenia. The series was also nominated for the Cinekid Kinderkast Jury Award and the prestigious Prix de Jeunesse. In 2022, Sia debuted her feature film ‘WHITE BERRY’ about a young woman of African descent with albinism who is searching for her place in the world.

Sia Hermanides is speaker at the workshop Positionality Deep Dive 2023.


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