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Iris van der Meule

Iris van der Meule is a digital artist. With a cum laude bachelor (2018) and a master (2019) in animation film, she developed a fascination for virtual reality and taught herself how to create interactive VR experiences. Her graduation project ‘Inktzwart’, a VR monument for the MH17, has been nominated for the Gouden Kalf Interactive 2020 at the Dutch Film Festival.

She mainly works with social and engaged themes. In her work she combines these themes with VR storytelling and explores new ways to experience stories and share perspectives with each other. With a broad interest in animation, illustration, coding, interactivity and sound, Iris experiments with different disciplines. She is currently working on her debut project ‘Gay Simulator’, a VR experience about lesbian culture and contemporary discrimination and homophobia towards lesbians.

Research question
During the Vrijplaats, Iris wants to conduct more extensive research into the immersiveness of the VR medium and the emotional influence of interaction / game mechanics in a VR experience.

You can get in touch with Iris via irismeule@hotmail.com

Photo by Evelina Kvartunaite


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